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  1. N

    PRS Neck Joint’s Are A Mess

    Hey Guys! This is my very first post here as I am finally the proud owner of an artist package McCarty 594. After I received this guitar the first thing I noticed was how bad a tape job they did around the body and neck, I have an unpainted flame maple neck, and where it meets the body it...
  2. Leonardo Caruso

    SE CU24 x S2 Std Satin 24 - (Which Should I Buy?)

    Hi guys. Hoping not to create a thread that already exists. Looked in forum and couldn't find the answer to this. It's my first time at this forum and it will be my first PRS too. And I'm really in need of help to decide if I should buy a SE Custom 24 (2017 Trampas Green) or a S2 Standard 24...