quality control

  1. Mikegarveyblues

    SE DGT Appalling Fretwork

    Hey folks, long time no see! Was hoping to post a happy NGD after joining what seems to be many happy members of the SE DGT club. Unfortunately - at least for now - that isn't the case. Some of you may wish to close your eyes... I've been intrigued by this model since first release. It...
  2. C

    SE Zach Mayers glue on a fret

    Hello. Just got my SE from Sweetwater with glue on a fret. Is there any easy/safe way to remove it? Pictures
  3. J

    SE Silver Sky Maple Quality Control Issues

    Just took delivery of a Silver Sky SE Maple in Overland Grey and I must say I am very disappointed in the QC. At this price point, minor imperfections are to be expected. I’m not expecting core-level QC and perfection. But what I’m seeing definitely, by far, falls short of what’s expected of...
  4. C

    Silver Sky SE Quality Issues

    Ok, maybe I'm just unlucky. Or maybe not. For what its worth, Vaughn Skow posted the following on his blog: A TECHS HONEST REVIEW OF A PRS SILVER SKY SE (I don't think I can post a link yet as this might be only my second post here). My story: I ordered a "brand new" Silver Sky SE from a...
  5. R

    PRS SE Custom 24 Quality Control

    I'm getting back into playing after not doing so for several decades. It seems like PRS is the guitar of choice for so many folks and I'm really intrigued. I can't afford to put a mint into my first guitar and have been investigating the SE line but was curious about the quality control. Is a...