1. M

    PTC shipping

    This is how PTC sent my Silver Sky back to me! Well I tried to post an image but the control freaks at PRS won't allow it.. They left the trem arm floating in my case.. knicked me guitar. I spoke with a supervisor and he said it was because I didn't send it in a PRS hardcase.!! It's...
  2. d2g

    PTC remakes - my experience

    If you’re considering a PTC makeover let me offer my experience... I’m not a pro player; I’m a serious lifelong musician who continually learns. Have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing transformation of my 1993 Custom 22... updates included the current nut, brass...
  3. A

    Grey/black stain questions! Help pls!

    Ok so I bought a book matched truss rod cover from reverb that I’m stoked on but need help with suggestions on what stain I should pick up to try and color match my grey/black CE24. Any suggestions would be amazing or do you think I should just suck it up and take it into a local Vegas luthier...
  4. A

    SE Neck Recarve

    I have a 2018 SE Chris Robertson. It's a great guitar, in fact one of the best sounding electrics that I have. The color is perfect. It is sort of heavy, but that does not bother me. What does bother me is the neck. It has the chunkiest wide-fat neck I have ever is baseball bat...
  5. C

    Refinish - options in Germany / Europe?

    Hi everyone, after a long time of pondering the shipping and costs etc. for having my '97 CE refinished at the PTC, I dropped them a lengthy mail with all the ideas and details I considered. Unfortunately, since I am located in Germany, I only received a short answer, informating me that PRS...
  6. F

    My cloudy Private Stock

    Hi, First of all, I'm new here. I'm Pete. I'm a big PRS fan. Over many years, I bought several PRSs, including some Private Stocks, ie, Paul's 28, Violin Guitar. I love the designs, craftsmanship, quality, the sound it rings.. to name a few. I currently live in Thailand, and the past...
  7. BWV548

    Looking for some input on a potential modification

    I've comm'd a bit with the PTC on this, but wanted to get broader set of opinions, down to my lack of experience on such things I bought 3 PRS in rather short time and have been loving playing them, and exploring their timbral uniqueness. The other day, I had the idea - I can't say if it's a...
  8. Bluesverb

    PTC custom work on my SAS - Narrofwields ROCK!!!!

    WARNING to all. I have had a few ideas that are some what "out of the box thinking". Without posting my resume, problem solving and critical thinking was a major component in my career. I would love to help start a discussion on increasing throughput, reducing shrinkage, and reducing man...