prs studio

  1. P

    D Style Pickups

    I'm looking for some pickups that could replace me D-Style pickups on my studio. Something that is the same size but has more presence and bite. I am not looking for hotter pickups, I feel the d-style pickups have a nice output to them. They just lack some character and presence. I was looking...
  2. Dgkboss69

    2011 Prs Studio 22

    hey guys im looking to buy a used Studio 22 trem version. Was wondering if people that have one could give me a review of how you like it? If the volume between pickups is balanced as well as tone as ive heard that the NF pickups are muddy in the neck. Would love to hear what you guys think of...
  3. Ironwolf

    PRS Studio 2011 version owners Review

    I've been weighing the pros and cons of the custom 24 versus the PRS studio 2011 versions. They're both very appealing guitars. I have the Jimmy page wiring on one of my Les Pauls with the 21 tones switching, And I love it. So I'm leaning heavily towards the PRS studio, unfortunately seems to...
  4. J

    PRS Studio

    Any experience with one? I'm thinking of selling a gibson LP studio plus, Gretsch 6114, and reverend warhawk to fund it. I'm stressing selling three guitars, but based off what I've seen and heard I feel like I'd be happy I did. It's being used in my studio, so I'm looking for something as...