prs standard

  1. Jotarock

    The "Paul Reed Smith" syndrome

    Hi everyone! i just wondered... How do you deal with dents and scratches on your expensive guitars? The other day, somebody told me about the "PRS syndrome": when you own such an expensive (not my case, i only have a SE custom) and beautiful guitar, you just simply don´t wanna even touch it...
  2. Aghimself


    Hey everyone! I’m considering trading my 2005 STANDARD 24 BLACK WITH MOON INLAYS FOR A STANDARD 24 PLATINUM METALLIC WITH THE BIRD INLAYS. if anyone is interested shoot me a message. Thanks!
  3. Aghimself

    2000-06 PRS STANDARD 24

    Hey everyone. Im Looking for a 2000-2006 PRS STANDARD 24 BLACK with the MOON INLAYS in good condition. I have $1500 to spend If anyone can point me into the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Poisivede

    Should I Pull the trigger on this?

    Hi Guys, I have found a very nice black standard 22 (apparently from 2001), the price is around 1200 Eur...I have also the chance to trade my LP Traditional (2016) for this, which would be my primary choice. Here's the link...
  5. grausch

    S2 Satin vs older USA Satin

    Hello, With the several S2 Standards now available in satin finishes, does anyone know how they compare to the older satin finishes that used to be available on the older USA Standards? Reason I am asking is that I was so impressed with the satin finish on my USA PRS a couple of months ago that...