prs se singlecut

  1. For Fox Sake

    Long time PRS fan finally gets one.

    Hi. Dennis here. Ive been a fan of PRS a long time and hoped someday to get a SE version. Well recently an ad was on Facebook for a cherry singlecut 2007 for $475 Canadian down from $500. I contacted a buddy who was willing to buy it and trade me for 2 Squier strats. A Korean and Indonesion...
  2. C

    Need to replace the bridge on a PRS SE Singlecut

    Hey guys! I have a question related to my PRS SE Singlecut. I want to replace the stock bridge, because i have a sitar-ish sound that i can't get rid off with any adjustments and i understand that this is a common issue on these models, because of the bridge that tends to lean a bit forward over...