prs se angelus custom

  1. A

    SE alex lifeson thinline OR SE A30e rosewood ?

    hi . im from iran . and we cant find this models in iran . and i must order from other country and recive by post. and then i dont know how is the voice ? the action ? does it sound good ? if anybody has any experience , help me please . and which model is better ???? thanx :)
  2. Shail

    Help needed with inbuilt Tuner - PRS SE Angelus Custom

    Hello Everyone, I am new to PRS family so I am glad that the forum exists and its so active. I recently got hold of an PRS SE Angelus Custom (Made in Korea - Feb, 2012). Got it delivery from Thomann, Germany to Belgium so didn't had a chance to play and try it until it got delivered. They said...