prs s2

  1. stankbank

    Trem bar responsiveness - DGT SE vs. S2

    Hey friends! Looking to get some insights here. I have an S2 24 and a DGT SE. Both are setup wonderfully - both have 10s, both have 4 springs in the trem block, etc. I tighten my trem arms to be about the With my DGT SE, the bar is super responsive - little touches seem to give...
  2. stankbank

    A string intonation out of line?

    Hey friends! On my S2 594, I can only achieve perfect A string intonation at this saddle location: It's odd that it is so far ahead of the E and D strings, when generally, we see intonation follow a certain alignment pattern that is staggered (like the G-B-E) strings pictured here. Just...
  3. Jotarock

    The "Paul Reed Smith" syndrome

    Hi everyone! i just wondered... How do you deal with dents and scratches on your expensive guitars? The other day, somebody told me about the "PRS syndrome": when you own such an expensive (not my case, i only have a SE custom) and beautiful guitar, you just simply don´t wanna even touch it...
  4. Ovibos

    Make an S2 Tremonti!

    Cores are becoming quite pricy, and since getting a Vela I’m a big fan of the S2 line. I’m not the market for a McCarty as I mostly like more modern pickups. I don’t have a Tremonti but once I went S2 I’m less likely to go SE. An S2 Tremonti would be great, and could do solid color finishes...
  5. BabyDracula

    Wiring Diagram Question

    Excuse my questions I'm a PRS newbie and guitar novice I recently bought a 2nd hand PRS S2 Singlecut and it needs to be re-wired (having weird issues where they guitar stops working if tilted. Checked connection on pots and switch, seem fine -maybe someone has tips) - I'm trying to return to...
  6. Rebus

    PRS S2 594 String Tension

    Hi all, This maybe an inexperienced question, but who knows! I've been luck to pick up a DC S2 594. It's an absolute beauty and I'm delighted with it. The resonance is astonishing. Unusually, though, the string tension seems quite high for a shorter scale guitar. I've used a set of 10-48s...
  7. Rebus

    S2 - 'Dealer Orders'

    Odd question, ladies and gents. I saw a poster on another guitar forum say the following: "I made a discovery - you can dealer order S2s with core finishes and tops, and someone posted a mint one with a hard case for cheaper than what the normal ones are new" Despite my reasonable PRS...
  8. D

    Pick of the litter

    Curious how this shakes out. Please vote!
  9. J

    How do 85/15 s pickups compare to #7 s pickups?

    Hi all, I just got a second hand PRS S2 Custom 22 (2016) from a guitar swap. It mounts #7 S Pickups as is from 2016 and to be honest, my first impression (I only have played that guitar for a couple of hours so far) is that I'm a bit disappointed in the sense that I was expecting more joy from...
  10. Blake Rice

    Proof of Concept: The Vela Trem

    Hey everybody! Thought I'd share my pet project PRS that I've labored on for almost 2 years to get it where it is today. This is my ideal version of the PRS Vela Trem idea talked about by so many. After cutting a new pickguard, swapping pickups, and rewiring the entire guitar, it was time to...
  11. B

    PRS S2 Standard 24-fret - Swapped Pickups?

    Hey guys, this is for those of you who have the PRS S2 Standard 24-fret, specifically! If you decided to replace your stock Korean pickups, I'd love to hear why and with what other pickups plus how that works for you. I'm talking about 24 frets specifically, as there might be unique...