prs custom 24

  1. Neal Brakey

    NGD Incoming|PRS Custom 24 Floyd Wood Library Satin Jade Smokeburst| My first Wood Library!

    Been on the lookout for a Modern Metal machine, and I happened across this beauty on Reverb. Has everything I need along with some great versatility when I need it. It's unfortunate I've not heard much about the \m/ Metal pickups, what's your personal experience with them? This will be my first...
  2. Jotarock

    The "Paul Reed Smith" syndrome

    Hi everyone! i just wondered... How do you deal with dents and scratches on your expensive guitars? The other day, somebody told me about the "PRS syndrome": when you own such an expensive (not my case, i only have a SE custom) and beautiful guitar, you just simply don´t wanna even touch it...
  3. Jazzedout

    Did not know that Darth Vader plays PRS...

    Sorry if it has been posted before, just saw this and thought to share! :D
  4. M

    Serial Number Question

    Hi All, I have just joined this forum. I am about to acquire my fourth PRS guitar. It is a used one and it has a serial number that doesn't make sense. The guitar is a 2008 Custom 24 with a quilted top. Serial Number 8 132222 The PRS Serial number lookup says that there is no such serial...
  5. D

    PRS Custom Limited Edition 1991

    Hello, hopefully some of the experts here can help me. I have a PRS Custom with a highly figured birdseye maple top. It is the number 1 of only 14 made for the Los Angeles Guitar Center. This is what you can read in the pickup cavitiy as well as on the back of the headstock. In the pickup...
  6. omnilion

    Reclaimed Limited CE24 / Experience 2007 Custom 24 / 513?

    Hi all, new to the forums here but I need your advice/tips/experience. I own an S2 Custom 22 Semi-hollow, and am looking to branch out with my PRS'. Thus, I'm now faced with the dilemma of choosing between a Reclaimed Limited CE24 Semi-hollow, Experience 2007 Custom 24, and a 513 from '08. Now...