prs 24

  1. A

    PRS SE Standard 24 Pickup upgrade

    Hi I have got PRS SE standard 24 few months back. It plays great and smooth. Only thing I would like to change is the pickups. I use VOX practice amp to practice normally. And both of them together give me a very trebly sound. There is lack of bass. The pickups have clarity but are not suited...
  2. T

    I think this is a stupid doubt but…

    Is this a crack or it’s just the wood naturally?
  3. Jotarock

    Help(SE custom 24 Zebrawood) Is there a difference between the korean and the indonesian version?

    Hello guys! I want to buy my first ever PRS guitar, the gorgeus PRS SE custom 24 with "Zebrawood" finish. The problem is that i can´t find anywhere a KOREAN manufactured one. All the stores sell INDONESIAN models. Where can i find a KOREAN Prs SE custom 24 with "ZEBRAWOOD" ? Please help me! (i...
  4. F

    !!!Help with PRS neck profile choice

    Hi guys, I'm new at this forum but I need some help from some seasoned PRS owners about neck profiles. I've been playing for almost 20 years, never any prejudice to neck shape, scale length, fretboard radius, nothing... until recently. I've been waiting for ages till I could afford to buy a PRS...