1. O

    What is this guitar?

    I have been offered this guitar at about 3k, I have been told is the custom 24 but I don’t know more about it and its not an exact match from the one on the website. I am going to go take a look at it and I wanted to ask if you think this is a good deal and what should I look for when checking...
  2. A

    Value wanted on 1998 Custom 22 Artist Package

    I'm looking for help to get a market value on my 1998 Custom 22 with Artist Package, quilted maple top, mahogany body & neck, Indian rosewood fretboard, Bird inlay, Dragon II pickups and Wide Fat neck carve. I believe it's "Vintage Starburst". Original leather case included. The guitar works...
  3. G

    Anyone have thoughts on the 2006 PRS Standard 22?

    I found one for sale for around $1,700 CAD that the guy has barely played. Comes with case and a Fender Super Champ XD amp. I can't find much for pricing on these specific models. Also has moons, and rotary switch. Hoping for some opinions on if it would be worth it to wait for a 24, or anyone...
  4. mynameistim

    How much off the retail price for this Custom 24?

    Hi, I just bought a PRS Custom 24 Wood Library from an Online Shop. It retailed for 5,290€ Here are some photos: Since this Guitar hung around in the shop for some while, it had some minor paint burst at the body. They offered me 290€ off for this. I now discovered that there are 3...
  5. T

    Price for this private stock?

    Hello, Any idea what the price would be if I wanted to have this private stock made?.. Custom 24 Mahogany body 10-top Maple neck (satin finish!) Rosewood fretboard Dark blue finish Basically an artist package because I can't find one anywhere, I've been searching for months...
  6. P

    Is it simply brand recognition and nostalgia why people keep buying Gibsons and Fenders?

    I get that strats and teles are good and cool guitars, but basically Squier and other knockoffs get you the same thing at a cheaper price, so excluding those, I don't think $500-1000 Fenders nearly stack up to PRS, Ibanez or ESP guitars. PRS offers you the solid, reliable, comfortable...