pre se

  1. Jwyoung808

    Modified 2017 PRS Mark Holcomb SE

    Finally completed all the appropriate modifications to my Holcomb SE. First I switched out the tuners to Schaller M6 locking tuners, which were pretty much a direct fit. I then swapped out the nut for a Graph Tech Tusq, which I had a professionally installed and set up, this resolved all tuning...
  2. guitartalkunedited

    PRS SE vs Cheaper Gibsons

    Hi all, With out trying to flog a dead horse - what are everyones opinions on PRS SE (new) vs cheaper Gibson's (new) ala the £700 mark ($1000). I recently did various direct comparisons in the Guitar Store in an isolated booth and I genuinely couldn't fault the PRS. But the Gibson's finish let...