practice space

  1. Ovibos

    Stools - height, type, etc?

    I only have an office chair, so I tend to play standing up. I need to be able to sit sometimes. PRS doesn't make a guitar stool anymore. :( What do y'all have and like? 24" or 30" or some other height? Back/no? Other features, like built-in guitar stand, etc?
  2. danktat

    Your Practice/Playing Space

    I posted a pedal board thread a little bit ago and saw some nice setups. A pic posted by LHchefman of his studio space made me decide to post up my music room as well. What I have is not nearly what his is but it is where I try to practice and study when not just hanging out in the living room...
  3. Elliot

    Show Your Space! (game?)

    Welcome to Show Your Space, where everything's PRS and the points don't matter. Whether it's a studio, a room in your house/apartment or a buddy's mom's garage, I'd love to see some aesthetically pleasing playing spaces... and score them (maybe)! Points for items in the picture: - 3 points per...