1. SKiNFreak

    Pickup Options for '16 Tremonti SE Custom

    Hi people! I recently had a 2016 Tremonti SE Custom and love it apart from one thing: the bridge pickup. When choosing the guitar I agonised about holding out for the 2017 model but came to the conclusion that while I love Mark's playing....I ain't Tremonti and want the guitar to be a versatile...
  2. drdoom8793

    CE Pickup Question: Coil Split

    So I'm looking at picking up an older CE model, most likely a 22. A lot of what I'm seeing doesn't have the stock pickups, so I'll be looking to replace those. The main question I have is..... What's some good pickups for coil splitting? I'll be playing mostly rock and blues stuff, so that's...
  3. Andy May

    Pearly Gates

    Hi, was just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on my idea to replace the stock pickups in my PRS SE Custom 24 with a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in the bridge and a 59 in the neck position. Thanks Andy
  4. K

    New humbuckers for sc250?

    Greetings from finland! I just purchased my first prs, and its just an incredible instrument. Now i need to replace these original 250 pickups for something more suitable for playing metal. I was thinking about placing something "hot sounding", like a duncan distortion to bridge and paf pro...
  5. Jathon Delsy

    Replace pickups in PRS SE FR with Seymour Duncan SH-6 Set

    Hello, I've got a PRS SE Custom 24 FR, which is a great guitar, love the feel and playability of it, great value for money too, but I'm wondering if the stock pickups are a little cheap sounding? Especially the lower notes with a lot of overdrive create unpleasant clashing overtones without the...
  6. drdoom8793

    S2 Pickups vs Core

    Hey everyone! I was just curious if anyone had compared the S2 pickups to their Core counterparts. For instance, I have an S2 Custom 24, which has the S2 HFS/VB set. I'm wondering if there would be much, if anything, to gain from upgrading to the core set. I play a lot of hard rock type...
  7. jeffgoobs

    Artist V Pickups

    I posted a few questions about the Artist V pickups in the 85/15, 57/08. 59/09 thread, but I'm not sure it's the best place for it, seeing as the question involves a pickup not listed in the thread title. So I'm going to try this again. I'm seeking opinions on the Artist V pickups. I've...
  8. D

    PRS S2 - Semi-hollow bodied - What lacquer is used?

    Well I've taken the plunge, finally.... By the end of this month I shall have joined the ranks of PRS owners.... Two questions for PRS techs.... What lacquer is currently (past five years to date) used on the S2 semi-hollow? ...And, can one purchase PRS 'narrow field' pickups as (after...
  9. Harpua

    Wiring Help! SD 4-Conductor in a SE Custom 24

    Hi all, New to the forum and new to doing work myself, but I'll be damned if I don't try to learn how to take care of my own instrument. I'm decent with a soldering iron, so why not replace my own pickups? The issue is, I can't seem to find any wiring diagrams for putting in my 4-conductor SD...
  10. JElliott49

    Pickup height maxed out

    Hey, I recently put some Seymour Duncan pickups in my CU24 along with new PRS black pickup rings. My problem is that I can't adjust my pickups to the height I want them. When they get to a certain height there is strain on the pickup rings and they begin to bend (Pics attached). I'm new to...
  11. C

    Dragon I vs Dragon II Pickups

    I've only found 2 videos of people demoing the Dragon I pickups and the audio was recorded with the built-in microphone in an old cellphone camera. What are the differences between the Dragons and Dragon IIs? Which one's are darker? Which one's are higher output? I play Rock, Hard Rock and...