pickup swap

  1. Quilt Man

    24-08 Pickup Swap

    I'm looking at getting a 24-08 that has 85/15 TCI humbuckers, but I would like to swap those out for Dimarzio Rainmaker & Dreamcatcher set. The only thing I need to find out is if there would be any issues wiring the Dimarzio's to take advantage of the 24-08 electronics mini toggle switching...
  2. S

    S2 Mira Mods: New pickups & 5-way switching

    I want to build a new pickguard assembly for my S2 Mira semi-hollow. Its Seafoam Green and I wanted to change out the pickups and swap the black pickguard for the white pearloid. So I figured I would just leave the original assembly in tact and put the new pickups (along with new volume and...
  3. Blackbird Anthony

    Pickup Swap to Seymour Duncan

    Hey all, I am new to this forum, and may have missed a previous post in my search about this. I have a PRS Custom 24 with \m/ pickups and i would like to switch them to the Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omega. I understand that Seymour Duncan has a wiring diagram on their website for the 2 Hum, 1 Vol, 1...