pickup covers

  1. AndyBowman

    PRS SE Custom 24-08 Pickup Covers

    I recently added a PRS SE Custom 24-08 to the collection and am wanting to put nickel covers over the zebra pickups. More for aesthetics than anything, but during my interwebs research have found it might effect the tone. On that, I'm seeing where it might "mellow" the highs, which I'm fine...
  2. L

    Pickups 85/15's

    So my first ever forum registration...mostly just to encourage those who hate on the 85/15's. Well, I hated them too. I just couldn't fall in love and then I read an article that said leave your volume and tone knobs cranked up all the way and that changed the game for me. Love them now. So my...
  3. Z

    Prs guitar's pole piece spacing question

    First of all, i'm not good at english(i'm korean.) so please understand. I have prs se custom24 (poplar burl) and i want to put on crome or nikel pickup cover on my guitar. prs se custom24's pickup cover name is 85/15 S. but i can't find about this pick's pole piece spacing information. and...
  4. Avi

    Metal pickup covers for 85/15 "s"

    I got a great deal on a new 2018 S2 Standard 22 (-$300 from usual price ) but the pickups do not have the cool metal covers that the new S2s come with. I'd like to buy some and attach them myself. Are all humbucker pickup sizes the same? What's the right size for the 85/15 "s"? Anyone know where...
  5. shimmilou

    NGD - SE Custom 24, NPD - JB/Jazz set

    Ordered this new SE Custom 24, based solely on looks and description, hoping for a great feel, and great, unique sound. I hate to say that I was partly disappointed. Although I loved the look, and the guitar functioned perfectly, the fret ends were rough and I really didn't like the sounds of...
  6. C

    Ordering a CE with Pickup Covers?

    I have been thinking about ordering a new PRS for a while now, and was originally set on an S2 Cu22 Semihollow, but swapping out the pickups for an American set. Recently I found the CE 24, and have been leaning more towards that one. I only have one issue, though, and it's that I'm not the...