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  1. Patrick Montgomery

    The “Valyrian Steel” pedal (KingTone Duellist)

    I have been sitting on this for a while as my father in law checks out the forums - but I can finally share this with you guys! My FIL is a huge gear nut and Game of Thrones fan, so I built him the “Valyrian Steel” by “Iron Tone” for Christmas. It’s a KingTone Duellist clone, and he loved it...
  2. danktat

    What is on your pedal board

    OK pedal nerds, what do you have on your board and in what order? I am running an original Cry Baby wah, into my Behringer chromatic tuner-->Ibanez TS9-->Ibanez Tube Screamer mini (TS808 circuit)-->Boss CS-3 compression sustainer-->Behringer UC200 chorus-->Mosky blue delay--> Digitech JamMan...