paul's guitar

  1. Markcarl

    Question re: differences between 2023 and 2024 Paul’s Guitar

    I ordered a 2024 Paul’s Guitar and expect it to be done around May this year. I understand the 2024 model will have the new tuner buttons and non-locking tuners. I would prefer to have locking tuners but this isn’t a deal breaker for me on a non-tremolo equipped guitar. I was on the PRS...
  2. davidtaus

    Core Paul's Guitar Pickups: Upgrade from 408s? (and some custom wiring...)

    Longtime player, new PRS fanboy. I'm the recent proud owner of two: First was the S2 10th Anniversary McCarty 594, with TCI pickups. got it, played, it, and went OH! Then, because i found it on a screaming deal, picked up a Core 2013 Paul's Guitar with Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard. Played it...
  3. W

    Question about the Core Paul's Guitar PU?

    Hi there, I'm about to get a good price on a pair of the Core Paul's Guitar Pickups (PRS’s TCI (Tuned Capacitance and Inductance) treble and bass pickups), but before I pull trigger and get stuck with them. Does anyone know if you're able to install these pickups into the PG SE body? Not...
  4. D

    Mid 00’s Custom 22 or 2013 Paul’s Guitar or 2021 Paul’s Guitar

    Hi All- Seeking advice for a rock and roll guitar. I’ve owned a CU22 in the past and know they are great. I have not shopped PRS since the advent of Paul’s guitar. I have a line on a used 2013 Paul’s guitar, a 2021 Paul’s guitar and a 2005 CU22. If you had to pick one of these, which would you...
  5. tyfu20

    Incoming NGD.....Friday buzzed addition (Update)

    When you wake up in the middle of the night and see your low ball offer was accepted on the Verb. Got me a 2017 McCarty Burst Paul's Guitar coming in.
  6. P

    Pickup Comparison Question: Paul's Guitar 408 vs TCI vs TCI S?

    I'm lovin' the bejesus out of the TCI S pups in the SE Paul's Guitar. (And the rest of the guitar for that matter. It's an uncannily wonderful instrument. I'm finding it the very apotheosis of Mr Smith's apparent career-spanning vision of creating a guitar tone at the dead-center intersection of...
  7. R

    Pauls Guitar Black & White Pickups

    Hey, I'm looking to buy my first PRS - Paul's Guitar. I just wonder if there is a difference on the pickups which are all black and the ones which are black and white? I've seen both on pictures and wonder if there is a difference other than aesthetic. Thanks alot!
  8. Utkarsh

    Unexpected NGD: 2011 PS Signature Limited, 2013 Paul's guitar

    So folks it's been a long day so don't mind me if I doze off in the middle of this. As you know , I got a Modern Eagle V not too long ago, which as you can imagine has sent me down a rabbit hole of guitars with 408 pickups (Paul's , 408s, Signature Limited etc). There had been two guitars that...
  9. R

    PRS Paul's Guitar - Squealing bridge single coil mode

    All: Any of you fellow Paul's Guitar owners have an issue where if you stand in front of your amp with the single coil mode engaged on the bridge pickup, the pickup does that microphonic squeal, like an unpotted pickup? Mine is fine in humbucker mode, and singlecoil works fine if combined with...
  10. S

    Paul's Guitar Wiring Question

    Hi all, I am trying to recreate the wiring on Paul's guitar with the two mini toggle switches for coil split. I've noticed that there seems to be two wiring diagrams, one for 'Paul's Guitar' and the other is 'SE Paul's Guitar'. The main difference I can see are: 1. The humbucker wiring to the...
  11. kongk

    SE Paul's or SE Custom 24-08?

    Hi there, After learning how to play acoustic 35 years ago, and been noodling very occasionally on/off since, and COVID-19 came. So, I spent home time learning to play electrics. I went out and bought an SSH Squier Bullet. Soon, I bought a Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Light. I know my skills...
  12. Going Modal

    Your favorite/preferred guitar(s) for Narrowfield pickups?

    For those of you who have or have tried Narrowfield pickups, in which format do you think they've really excelled? (I'm generally referring to the already-existing "57/08" NF's; although if anybody's gotten their hands on these new 2021 ones, feel free to speak up about them.) I've been lucky...
  13. I

    SE Locking Tuners compatible with my SE Paul's Guitar?

    Hey, I just bought the PRS SE Locking Tuners from Sweetwater. I'm hoping to upgrade the tuners on my SE Paul's Guitar. Clearly the tuners on the Paul's guitar must be different from the tuners on the other models in the SE line. I'm not jazzed about having extra holes on the back of my guitar...
  14. L

    Unusual overnight tuning changes for SE Paul's Guitar

    I purchased this guitar online, used from an authorized dealer. I've had this guitar for about a month now. I installed some new D'Addario EXL110 XL 10-46 strings. It initially had string buzzing on the lower frets that I was able to eliminate by adjusting the truss rod to about .008" relief on...
  15. B

    Thoughts on SE Zach Myers vs Paul's guitar?

    Hi all, Any thoughts on the differences and preferences of each one? I'm a returning guitarist and being at pretty bad shape at the moment :confused:, already having a Gibson SG (maybe will be sold) and a Squier Stratocaster. I'm looking for extra motivation! The only point in favor that I...
  16. I

    SE Paul's Guitar - Cream Plastics?

    Picked up an SE Paul's Guitar last week in Trampas green and I'm a huge fan. Bigger than I hoped, actually - I like it more than the Tele I spent dozens of hours building. My only complaint is the tuners - they're stiff as all hell. They hold fine but tuning is an exercise. I'd prefer locking...
  17. AZGiant

    Maybe the Score of the Year?

    I wont have it in my hands until end of this week, but I just scored a Paul's Guitar, 2015, Amber, for 2200.00 in mint condition. It looks to me like 2015 was maybe the first year they came out? Looked like a deal to me as all the used Paul's Guitars I looked at were like 2800.00 and above...
  18. Skeeter

    Elements of ME V to Core?

    Total speculation thread! But hey, why not? Wondering if anyone thinks some elements of the ME V will filter down to a Core model? I’m thinking elements of the electronics (more the pups, and switching options - not necessarily the 500k to 250k switch). They made a very specific design choice...
  19. AZGiant

    Little Worried about Paul's Guitar SE

    When I first heard this was coming out, I was pretty jazzed as it looked like a lot of guitar for the money, and a used street price could hit like 750. However, all the reviews of the Indonesia new stuff has me a little concerned. Has anyone played a Paul's SE? Curious if the same issues are...
  20. AZGiant

    Birds On Paul's Guitar

    Is it just me or is it hard to get past the look of the birds on Paul's Guitar? They look like something you would find on a cave wall. Am sure the guitar is still amazing, but man I am having a hard time getting past that look.