paul reed smith

  1. MrSuperstar

    NGD: PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Hollowbody II

    It's with great pleasure that I show you the beast that has just arrived in my house in Italy: PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Hollowbody II. The customizations on this instrument are the following (in brackets the features that a "basic" Core guitar would have had): Top and back of the body...
  2. Mozzi

    Test your knowledge of PRS History!

    I scored 100% on "From the Archives: Test Your Knowledge of PRS History!". Can you match that?
  3. J

    ZM SE (Green Model) Mod Advice

    Hey PRS Family, So the story is I am getting a Zach Meyers PRS SE for $400 bucks because I basically have a rich friend who bought it, played it once, and decided he didn't like it. Lucky me. I also have these laying around which are going in there: Seymour Duncan APH-2n Alnico II Pro Slash...
  4. Mozzi

    The Great 'Red' Guitar Thread

    We have one for Blue and Green - so why not one for Red... One of the Original 3 colours for PRS was RED and they have done various Red finishes through the years - Crimson, Black Cherry and Fire Red Burst too. I love Red guitars - as perhaps most of you know - so I want to see what Red Guitars...
  5. Mozzi

    Modern Eagle V Experience 2020

    I so want one of these....
  6. Black-Viper75

    Mr Paul Reed Smith On The No Guitar Is Safe Podcast

    Mr Paul Reed Smith is on the latest episode of the No Guitar Is Safe Podcast Episode 118. I'm going to have a listen now.
  7. Mozzi

    NGD: Custom 24 'Floyd' - It's here now...

    Having recently picked up a PRS 594 Hollowbody ii - something with a 'vintage' vibe, I have now added what can really be described as at the other end of the spectrum - Modern, high(er) output Pickups, 24 frets and of course a Floyd Rose trem system... As expected, my incoming 2019 Custom 24...
  8. Mozzi

    Incoming NGD!! PRS 594 Hollowbody ii

    So I may of just bought a New Guitar... :D:D I love my 2016 594 and my 2018 Hollowbody ii with Piezo so I thought what if I had a guitar that was a mix of both of these. I also don't have a guitar with the new 2020 specs - Nitro and pickups with the new TCI process applied but also wasn't keen...
  9. Neal Brakey

    (NGD) 2002 PRS Swamp Ash Special

    Hey all! I have been around this thread awhile as I find these forums quite interesting, but I decided to finally sign up, and I felt that it would be a good starter for me to post my new trade. I recently Traded my 2019 Fender American Professional Strat as it just wasn't giving me the sound I...
  10. Mozzi

    In coming NGD!!!!! PRS Special 22

    I have been looking around for a LONG time trying to find a Fire Red Burst PRS Special 22 in the UK. I was looking daily at all the PRS Dealers web pages hoping and hoping to find a Fire Red and a couple of months back, I found this 'beauty'. In sheer desperation, I contacted a PRS Dealer and...
  11. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    The Hansomatic Collection

    If you don't have a 'harem' thread of your own, clean off the couch and break-out the camera. It's good for you and it's good for those of us who love looking at guitars. Based on discussions with my insurance provider - and with PfennRock (AKA "11top") - maintaining clear photos with date/time...
  12. krugerj

    NGD! My first PRS!! (photos inside)

    Hey guys! I have finally come over from the dark side and picked up my first PRS... and it's beautiful! It's a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 in Antique Violin Amber. It's a 1999 which is the first year of production for the short-lived left-handed core series. I will post another post in a few days...
  13. AxlGianne

    Replace Stock Pickup

    Hi everyone! I would like to replace stock bridge pickups on my PRS SE CUSTOM 24 (2016). I would like to have more sustain, more mids and just a little more output. I think that stock pu is good for studying but in live and in recording studio it seems to me....mmm... dull. No body, little...
  14. Ovibos

    PRSh : I love guitar

    Pretty cool video with Music is Win noodling on changes. It's cool to see how Paul thinks about playing and how he really relishes the chance to do so.
  15. Anaxes

    Does anyone have any info about Paul's Sorcerer's Apprentice?

    This guitar would later become the 408 but I'm curious to hear how it sounds and the design of the pickups at the time if any one had any clips that would be great! Truly fascinated about this guitar.
  16. E

    Song recorded with the Archon 50

    Put this together tonight ... all the guitars are the Archon 50 combo mic'd.
  17. C

    Prs se custom HELP

    I just bought a used prs se custom(tremolo I think). The old man had no idea. It is a 2009. And the chrome on the bridge is messed up. Do they sell replacement knobs and bridges for these things!? If so at a decent price? Help is much appreciated.
  18. P

    Paul Reed Smith Meet and Greets (UK)

    Looks like Mr. PRS Guitars is visiting music shops in the UK in March! :D Looks like I'll be taking a day off for that...