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  1. S

    Pattern neck carve that's closest to the Silver Sky's

    Hi guys, New member of the forum here! I have decided to buy a PRS guitar, and I was looking for some advice from people that have played different models. A little bit of background - a few months ago I managed to try a maple Silver Sky, and the moment I touched the guitar I felt in love...
  2. pauloqs

    What's your favorite PRS neck profile?

    Personally, right now I rank them as follow Pattern Pattern Vintage Pattern Regular Pattern Thin The more I play Pattern Vintage, the more I like it, yet I don't know if time will make me like it even more than the Pattern.
  3. pauloqs

    Core neck profiles

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like among the Core models currently in regular production, only the Custom 24 and the Tremoti are available with pattern thin necks. What I've found was that Custom 24 (including 24 Piezo & 24-08): Pattern Regular or Pattern Thin Custom 24 Floyd: Pattern...