1. P

    1st Post • SE Holcomb Parts Swap Notion

    In recent weeks, I've acquired several SEs (and one Core), and am now off on a mild mod tear. This wild-hare idea may best be chased as a personal ad. ME: Have SE with chrome bridge and tuners, would like black chrome. YOU: Have Holcomb SE model with black chrome bridge and tuners, and would...
  2. Paul Conrad

    Stoptail Bridge Intonation Pins

    I just picked up a sweet Paul's Guitar and was adjusting the intonation. One of the pins is stripped. Does anyone know where I can get replacement pins?
  3. George Mills

    Gold Tremolo Saddles, Anyone?

    I’m looking to create the hybrid hardware look on my 509 that came in all chrome. So far I have swapped out all the screws/ nuts & tuner buttons to gold with official PRS parts. The last thing now is the set of 6 saddles on the tremolo bridge.. Does anyone have a spare set of these, or ones...
  4. Jake Angelastro

    Need to replace bridge of 277 baritone, but PRS does not offer bridge for sale!

    Hi everyone, I'm in a bit of a jam. I have the PRS SE Mike Mushok baritone, and the bridge has unfortunately become damaged and needs to be totally replaced. I searched the Official PRS Parts & Accessories online store, but could not find this bridge available to order. Though perhaps I missed...