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  1. Danielle Czapp

    Silver Sky Golden Mesa & Orion Green ??

    Hey all!! I know this is an odd observation (and I'm not sure if anyone else was wondering the same thing) but I figured I'd post a thread. I've been following the Silver Sky's for a while waiting on availability. I'd always go back and forth between Orion Green and a few other colors but...
  2. anesthetize

    PRS Refinish Alternatives to PTC (they've halted such jobs!)

    Hi all! I'm based out of NY and wanted to know if folks had any luck getting their PRS's refinished outside of the PTC. For context, I reached out to PTC but they have stopped taking refinish jobs owing the manual labor involved (UNRELATED TO COVID-19). The guitar I'm seeking to refinish is...
  3. N

    PRS Neck Joint’s Are A Mess

    Hey Guys! This is my very first post here as I am finally the proud owner of an artist package McCarty 594. After I received this guitar the first thing I noticed was how bad a tape job they did around the body and neck, I have an unpainted flame maple neck, and where it meets the body it...
  4. Bluesverb

    PTC list of color options to have my PRS painted in?

    Hi. Does anyone know of a list of colors that I can have my PRS SAS painted in? BTW - I don't want a "standard" color. I want something different to make it "mine", versus a blue or a red. I wanted a Foil color, but, they stopped doing Foils at the PTC.