1. C

    Are there any paf type pickups that sound similar to the 58/15 lt?

    Hey guys I mainly play 335 type semi-hollow guitar. I have one guitar with the 58/15 lt tci version pickup set installed and I am very happy with it. The pickup set had one braided wire and one white wire. So I was able to add the coil tap function to the wiring. Satisfied with the...
  2. N

    CE 22 OX4 Pickup Swap

    I just purchased a set of OX4 low winds to replace the Dragon I's in my '97 CE 22. Does anyone have any experience with OX4s in a PRS? I'm really looking forward to the open airy sound of unpotted humbuckers. The Dragons sound good but not the tone I'm looking for...
  3. Esteban Jose Alvarado

    245 "S" vs Dimarzio/Seymour Duncan/others

    Hi! First post here :) I just purchased a SE Zach Myers and I'm really liking the 245 "S" pickups. I have a SE Custom 7 string that I put a pair of Dimarzio PAF 7's in and that I found to sound pretty similar to the 245's. The 245 might have a little more top end, but not that much. Probably...