1. Kyguitar23

    T40E and P20

    Looking to add a PRS to my acoustic collection. Would you say the T40e is close to Martin’s 00 size? Or would it be more like a 000? Same question for the P20. Thanks
  2. I

    New tuners for my PRS P20E Parlor

    Hi guys, I've been looking to change the tuners on my PRS P20E and the Stewmac golden age came up. Did anyone try them on their P20? Do the fit (simple change) or is there a need for drilling? Thanks.
  3. C

    P20E Preferred Strings?

    I just picked up a P20E yesterday and would love to hear everyone's preference of strings for this guitar. I'm coming from a dreadnought and really like the Elixer Nanoweb Bronze Custom Lights, but I'm not sure if they're the best for the P20E.
  4. P

    PRS SE P20 Parlor- High action?

    Hi there, Proud new owner of the SE P20 in Vintage Mahogany. The guitar looks gorgeous, plays pretty well, but it seems like the action is pretty high. Is it just mine or have any other owners noticed this? Should I have it set up or is that how they’re intended to be?