1. J

    Recently purchased mt15 wondering about the parallel jacks

    Hello! I just recently purchased a mt15 amp and I’m deciding on what I want to run for a cabinet setup. Upon inspection of the amp I saw the 2 parallel 8 ohm speaker jacks. I was just wondering if I run 2x16 ohm cabs in the parallel would they be running at full or would I want to run 2x8 ohm...
  2. K

    Ohms Question For Attenuator

    Hey everyone, I'm hooking up my new fryette power station attenuator to my fender hot rod deluxe iv amp. On the back of the fryette power station, there is a switch selector for speaker ohms with three options: 2/4, 8, 16. I know my speaker is 8 ohms, so that's an easy decision. However, there...