nut replacement

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    Nut Replacement for PRS Silver Sky SE

    Hi all, have been looking to lower my action on SIlver Sky SE but cant get as low as I want due to the nut slot on the G string being cut too deep. This causes pretty severe buzing on that string when played open. Whenever I look for nut options for the silver sky SE i can barely find any...
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    Silver Sky with a Brass Nut?

    Hello All, I am very close to pulling the trigger on a PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature. One upgrade I'm already planning on making, is switching out the factory nut with a brass one (Jerry Garcia had brass nuts on most if not all of his guitars) . I did this to my Mexican Strat and I...
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    PRS SE 22 Custom won’t intonate after plek

    Like the title reveals I had my axe plek’d and the nut replaced. The guitar won’t intonate on all strings. I already changed strings. Didn’t help. Current stings are NYXL 10-46. Pick ups are at a reasonable height at 5/64th and 6/64th respectively. The weird thing is the 12th fret harmonics are...