nitro over cab

  1. C

    PRS 2022 Wood Library McCarty nitro lacquer checking

    Hello everyone! I am new to the PRS family. First post here! Bought a beautiful wood library McCarty with artist top in Faded Blue Jean about two months ago. Fantastic sounding guitar. I have kept the guitar in the hardshell case it came with. It has been played only around the house, and...
  2. JMS

    Is naphtha safe on the PRS "nitro over CAB" finish?

    I just bought a new PRS 35th anniversary custom 24 Goldtop which has nitro over CAB. My question here is do you know if naphtha is safe on it? Here's why I ask... I use "PICK Honey" by Gorilla Snot to help me hold my pick securely, and over time I get a little of it (btw, I think it's mostly...