1. RickP

    Innards of an NF3?

    (I posted this at the end of my NGD thread, but posting separate in hopes someone might have this.) As most here know, I’ve recently fixed my lack-of-NF3-ness. I’m really impressed with the Narrowfields and noticed there is no darkening of the tone when you roll the volume down. I really like...
  2. Utkarsh

    Video of my NF3 and some tones

    So the Youtube channels getting a little rusty out of neglect. But the NF3 is reason enough to dust the cobwebs. Some tones and a quick comparison with the 513 rosewood and a regular Strat thrown in. Some observations: - The NF3 sounds nothing like a Strat. But it sounds great for any situation...
  3. Utkarsh

    Italian Holiday NGD: The magical NF3

    So there is a long sequence of GAS and just sheer coincidence that leads to this NGD. Read on at your own peril or just scroll down for pics It started a week ago with a friend locally getting a Swamp Ash Special and singing its praises which piqued my interest in that model. Which led me to...
  4. H


    I am a first time poster here but am hoping that some of you PRS veterans might be able to answer a question of mine. I have been looking at a PRS NF3 guitar that is for sale on line. However, the NF3 insignia on the head stock is in cursive instead of the standard block text. It is the only...
  5. Going Modal

    Your favorite/preferred guitar(s) for Narrowfield pickups?

    For those of you who have or have tried Narrowfield pickups, in which format do you think they've really excelled? (I'm generally referring to the already-existing "57/08" NF's; although if anybody's gotten their hands on these new 2021 ones, feel free to speak up about them.) I've been lucky...
  6. Hanzo Hamamura


    Hey everyone, I couldn't seem to find any threads for the discontinued DC3 models (maybe I searched in the wrong area?). Just wanted to see if there are any DC3 owners who can share their experience with the guitars. Since they're discontinued, the one guitar shop on Oahu that is a PRS...
  7. VirginiaAve

    What pickups/guitar is Jimmy Herring playing?

    It looks like a modded NF3, but with some custom PRS buckers in the neck and bridge position. It has a NF for the middle PUP. Is it a standard NF middle pickup? Anyone know what the story is with this one?
  8. DavidRome

    PRS Semi-Hollow vs Hollowbody ii (Core Guitars)

    I'm having trouble deciding for sure which model of guitar to buy. Here’s what I have: Guitar #1. 2012 - P22 Stoptail 10 Top - Fade Blue Burst with Blue back and neck (I think it’s a custom color) It has factory replaced HFS and Vintage bass pickups in leu of the 57/08’s (Any opinions about...
  9. P

    Control/switching Layouts

    I think many players like me grew up playing Strat-style guitar, and we are very used to the traditional Strats layout. Over the past 17 years, I've played many control/switching layouts including most Gibson types and PRS types. But to me the strat style layout, especially the location of the...