1. SFDonovan

    PRS Newbie

    New member. I'm an older player and been learning guitar for about 4 years now. Not a PRS owner, but want to be in the next few months. Going with the SE line. Just need to decide on what I want. My local GC only has two on the wall. A PRS 2017 SE Mark Holcomb and PRS 2017 SE Custom 24...
  2. Jaitrum

    PRS S2 Custom 24 vs PRS S2 Standard 24 vs .... arggg!

    Hi, PRS guitarrists of the world! I'd like to get my first PRS, but I don't want to go wrong! Currently owner of a Gibson SG (before that, an awful Starforce and then things went more serious with LP Studio). Searching for something new, that is, no more Gibson atm, I wanted a versatile guitar...
  3. rugerpc

    Nuggets for Newbies

    We have a wide range of knowledge and experience on the forum, from people just starting their musical journey to grizzed veterans. We have recording musicians, gigging musicians and talented basement commandos. There is knowledge here. Knowledge that can be of use to players who have less...