neck profile

  1. CB93D

    PRS Vela with Bird Inlays

    Hello everybody, Do you think it’s realistic to expect bird inlays back in the Vela model? I’ve been expecting for years for them to make a comeback on the model, or at least to include them in an upgraded version. Maybe a CE version? At some point I made peaces with the possibility of them not...
  2. R

    Can someone do me a favour? Neck measurements.

    I'm in the process of making complete 3D profiles of all the major neck profiles during lockdown for comparison between brands, and have moved onto PRS. Namely the Pattern Regular and Pattern Thin varieties. However none of the information online (even on the PRS neck profile website seems to...
  3. matonanjin

    I am so damned confused ---- Neck Profiles

    Not about the different profiles specs, but about what profile is appropriate for me! I thought I knew. I now realize I have no clue. Some may remember my shopping in Chicago a few months ago for a Santana. When I finally go to try one out at Chicago Music Exchange I was shocked by the chunky...
  4. pauloqs

    What's your favorite PRS neck profile?

    Personally, right now I rank them as follow Pattern Pattern Vintage Pattern Regular Pattern Thin The more I play Pattern Vintage, the more I like it, yet I don't know if time will make me like it even more than the Pattern.
  5. pauloqs

    Core neck profiles

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like among the Core models currently in regular production, only the Custom 24 and the Tremoti are available with pattern thin necks. What I've found was that Custom 24 (including 24 Piezo & 24-08): Pattern Regular or Pattern Thin Custom 24 Floyd: Pattern...
  6. Blakemore

    Bummed NGD - SE Neck profiles

    Long story short - I own a Zach Myers SE in quilt burst that I absolutely love. I play in a few different tunings so I bought a second Zach Myers in Trampas Green to go with the burst and it arrived today. The necks on the two guitars are waaay different. The Quilt burst neck sits right...
  7. F

    !!!Help with PRS neck profile choice

    Hi guys, I'm new at this forum but I need some help from some seasoned PRS owners about neck profiles. I've been playing for almost 20 years, never any prejudice to neck shape, scale length, fretboard radius, nothing... until recently. I've been waiting for ages till I could afford to buy a PRS...