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  1. J

    Dave Navarro USA Custom 24

    Unfortunately struck out and couldn't make a deal with the lead I had so wanted to throw a post together again in case anyone knows of a site or person with one of these available. Preferably with the Brazilian Rosewood but more-so prior to 2012 when they just had the stencil birds in the...
  2. KevinK

    Wish PRS would put out a black core Navarro model..

  3. J

    Dave Navarro Custom 24 WTB

    Hey All, I've been on the hunt for a Dave Navarro Signature Custom 24, not the SE version, for a while now and figured this might be a good place to tap into if anyone has one for sale or is looking to sell theirs. I've been hunting around on reveb but only the SE's pop up or ones that have...
  4. K

    PRS Navarro SE Neck Issue

    I've had this guitar for about 10 years. I don't recall when exactly, but like 5 years ago-ish I noticed the back of the neck was quite discolored. Has anyone seen anything like this? I can't for the life of me figure out what happened to it? It's set right into the finish. Any thoughts? The...
  5. KevinK

    Glenn Hughes/Dave Navarro video

    I can’t believe I have never seen this. It came out awhile ago.
  6. rnodern

    USA Dave Navarro

    Hi all, has anyone got a Dave Navarro signature model? Other than the Arctic white colour scheme, is it essentially a custom 24 with gold hardware? Any thoughts from.owners? Cheers