1. Markcarl

    Comparing the NF53 with the Studio

    Here’s a follow up to my previous incoming NF53 thread: after having several weeks of playing time on the NF53 and opportunities to compare it to the Studio. These are very different guitars. They are more...
  2. Markcarl

    Incoming NGD NF53

    I ordered an NF53 the other day. I should be receiving it on Monday. I’m intrigued by the guitar since it has the narrowfield pickups in it. I love the narrowfields on my Studio. Here are some pics of the guitar that were sent to me from the store:
  3. Kolep

    Narrowfields for sale?

    Does anyone have a spare narrowfield PU that they'd be willing to part with? I'm putting together a franken-PRS and want to see if I could get my hands on one. If not, anyone have any ideas of how to secure one? I reached out to PRS but they told me they don't sell those by themselves at this time.
  4. Patrick Montgomery

    Narrowfield replacement

    Hey guys! There is a PRS Special Semi Hollow I am interested in, but the previous owner has removed the Narrowfield. I can’t find them anywhere. Does anyone know where to get one aftermarket, if PRS will reinstall one, etc? I’d like to buy the guitar but I want to return it to stock. Thanks!
  5. RickP

    Innards of an NF3?

    (I posted this at the end of my NGD thread, but posting separate in hopes someone might have this.) As most here know, I’ve recently fixed my lack-of-NF3-ness. I’m really impressed with the Narrowfields and noticed there is no darkening of the tone when you roll the volume down. I really like...
  6. M

    Looking for a Narrowfield Pickup

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first post here. I recently got a used 2014 PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi Hollow that I really love, and want to make this my main all-rounder by adding a Narrowfield pickup in the middle position. Pushing my luck but if anyone has a spare one they're willing to sell, please...
  7. H


    I am a first time poster here but am hoping that some of you PRS veterans might be able to answer a question of mine. I have been looking at a PRS NF3 guitar that is for sale on line. However, the NF3 insignia on the head stock is in cursive instead of the standard block text. It is the only...
  8. Patrick Montgomery

    Narrowfield Coil Tap/Split

    Is there a version of the Narrowfield that has a coil tap or split? I am trying to spec out a PS build of a SSH, with some custom switching and didn't know if they had ever offered that. I have a WL SHH and love the tone of the Narrowfield, but would like the option to have more tonal...
  9. Going Modal

    Your favorite/preferred guitar(s) for Narrowfield pickups?

    For those of you who have or have tried Narrowfield pickups, in which format do you think they've really excelled? (I'm generally referring to the already-existing "57/08" NF's; although if anybody's gotten their hands on these new 2021 ones, feel free to speak up about them.) I've been lucky...
  10. Bluesverb

    PTC custom work on my SAS - Narrofwields ROCK!!!!

    WARNING to all. I have had a few ideas that are some what "out of the box thinking". Without posting my resume, problem solving and critical thinking was a major component in my career. I would love to help start a discussion on increasing throughput, reducing shrinkage, and reducing man...
  11. J

    PRS Studio

    Any experience with one? I'm thinking of selling a gibson LP studio plus, Gretsch 6114, and reverend warhawk to fund it. I'm stressing selling three guitars, but based off what I've seen and heard I feel like I'd be happy I did. It's being used in my studio, so I'm looking for something as...