1. Moondog Wily

    Resources for learning and advancing

    Over the years of my illustrious mediocrity in the guitar world, I have accumulated and in some cases fashioned my own set of resources for music/guitar knowledge. I know that we are in a "content rich" world at this point, and all of what I (or others) post here may be superfluous, but this is...
  2. Moondog Wily

    All I Need (new song from Moondog Wily)

    Just released a new song into the wild ("All I Need"). I have decided that I am going to release songs I call "Studio Live" songs in a series. These will all be things that I record live, no overdubs, no punch ins, no extra instruments after the fact (some might call these "Demos"). Just me...
  3. Moondog Wily

    What The Hell Is This?

    I have been having a lot of fun now that my keys are hooked up to the system again (sorry, no guitar)! It allows me to geek out on all the cool sounds that can be made ;~)) I did this one just for fun, and to enter into a "Do Something" challenge on another music forum where you are encouraged...
  4. Moondog Wily

    Happy 4 Score

    I wrote a song last night and I am actually going to try and release it before EOD today! Wish me luck ;~)) It will be weak on production, but it is a song about this specific day, and being that I did not think of it till late last night, I have a very short window to try and bust it out...
  5. Moondog Wily

    Three pack

    Put some new covers up on the server today (all recorded on Thursday)! Give a listen if you are up for it!! All available at my Studio Live page, titles and images below are linked directly to the individual songs!!! "Rebels" by Tom Petty "Daughter Of The Preacher Man" by Dusty Springfield...
  6. Moondog Wily

    Cat's In The Cradle

    If you feel overwhelmed, feel free to scroll by! I am having so much fun playing cover songs (this is the first time in my life I have known how to do so) and want to share them. I personally believe I do original takes on these songs and would like to share my interpretations (and there are...
  7. Moondog Wily

    Giddy Up With A Whiskey Cup

    So I am about to leave on a trip that will entail the most stress filled event of my life as far as I can tell ;~() Thought I would post a "studio live" version of this song here before I head out as I have been enjoying playing it so much lately. It was a song that I wrote based on something I...
  8. Moondog Wily

    Da' Mutta' Funka's

    This is some work I did in 2014-2016. List of my favorites at the end! Da' Mutta' Funka's This "band" is me except the first song (Funk Monster), where a friend played guitar and keys. I was too nervous, it being the first song I ever released. I do use sampled drums (but not percussion) and...
  9. Moondog Wily

    NSD - "Seeds We Sow"

    Newest new song day for Moondog Wily was the release of "Seeds We Sow". I wrote this song in March of 2018 and decided a couple of weeks ago, it would be the next release. So I figured out the parts, recorded it, mixed it, made the artwork and released it via bandcamp and distrokid. So let it be...
  10. Moondog Wily

    NSD - "Put A Smile On"

    New Song Day - "Put A Smile On" This was kind of a forced (by me) assignment to try and start writing more positive material. It turned out OK IMO. Let me know what y'all think! I believe a lot of people need a message like this right now ;~)) Birtha Luna Bluvi is the guitar used on this track...
  11. Moondog Wily

    NSD - "Peeka Boo Luna"

    A real rush job here, but had to get this one out the door in honor of this year's 3rd full moon! Part of my song release plan this year (song a week) is that each moon cycle, the song released for that week is moon related. This is the third moon song of the year. First was "Howlin' At The...
  12. Moondog Wily

    New Song Day (NSD) - "Eco-Cide" by Moondog Wily

    I have committed to releasing a song a week this year (real close to being on schedule so far, just a few days behind) under my various artists (have to justify the cost of these guitars somehow). Only posting a portion here, but this is the latest (WARNING - starts off with a nuclear...
  13. Moondog Wily


    Thought I would throw this one up here from another artist that I compose as. Artist is "King Kawhileiwhilei" and the track is "PakAloloha". In Hawaiian, Pakalolo translates to wacky tobacco, and aloha is hello, goodbye, spirit, love, etc. So I took those two words, put them in my mental vise...
  14. Moondog Wily

    Moondog Wily's Greatest Hits

    I have been a musician my entire life, but never wanted to pursue a career in this field because of the "rigged game" that is the music industry. Music has always been my religion (don't know if I heard that Hendrix quote, but I have felt that way from even before knowing who Jimi Hendrix was)...
  15. drdoom8793

    Shameless Self Plug (You've Been Warned!)

    Hey guys! My band, Swamp78, has finally released our first EP. We're an Alternative Rock band, for fans of Flyleaf, Paramore, or Shinedown. We're available on all the major players like Spotify and Apple Music, but I'll also put a link to our Reverb Nation for those who don't subscribe to...
  16. D

    E-piano Samples

    Welcome guys I want to ask which resources do u use for searching samples? Last time i searched i found only 2 pretty good electronic piano samples at this web's Can u recommend me where should i bought it?