mt 15

  1. D

    Mt 15

    My old faithful mesa mark 5:35 died again so it was time to slim the rig, I snagged the mt15 on an impulse buy and must say im pleasantly suprised. Mt has the 12ay7 in v3 and that brought this amp to life for me , using bonamassa wah-mojo mojo o.d-tc plethora . To a mesa 1x12 widebody cab . And...
  2. A

    MT15 FX Loop

    Does anyone know why master volume does not works if you only use FX return on MT15. You end up controlling volume externally. I have not seen this on other amps. Also, according to link below tube diagram, it seems fx loop uses 12AX7 tube, not 6L6...
  3. A

    MT15 FX Loop

    Hi, does anyone know that if i pass my signal through the fx loop (return) of mt 15, does the signal goes through 6L6 tubes before reaching cabinet. I intend to use this signal chain with my multi-fx floor board. Nothing goes through front input.
  4. A

    MT 15 Mark Tremonti Settings

    Hi, Does anyone know what settings mark tremonti likes on his signature amp mt 15 for both lead and clean channel?
  5. Ovibos

    It chugs: Ola on S2 Std 24 thru MT-15

  6. C

    PRS MT-15 Amp Head Won’t Turn On

    I own a MT-15 amp head and it was working great and I loved it, until one day I went to turn it on and nothing happened. So I’ve checked the tubes and they all look good and checked the main fuses with a multimeter (painted white so couldn’t see if it was blown) and they all created a circuit...
  7. AlexA

    NGD - PRS MT 15 - with unboxing

    I was craving one of these amps since they were announced at Namm but unfortunatly everytime I checked my online go to stores they were always sold out. Finally I was able to grab one and they sound just great, couldn't believe how loud the amp is until I was able to hear it in person. I just...