1. Moondog Wily

    Luna Clock

    Ever wondered what your Moon Age is? Now you can find out!!! I just finished version 2.0 of my "Luna Clock" and thought some here might get a kick out of it! Anyway, this is a calculator I developed 25 years ago to determine your "Moon Age". In other words...
  2. Moondog Wily

    NSD - "Peeka Boo Luna"

    A real rush job here, but had to get this one out the door in honor of this year's 3rd full moon! Part of my song release plan this year (song a week) is that each moon cycle, the song released for that week is moon related. This is the third moon song of the year. First was "Howlin' At The...
  3. Moondog Wily

    NGD! Birtha Luna Bluvi

    Hi, my name is Wily and I'm an addict ;~(( My first hit was on Feb 4, 2021, and on March 09, 2021, my second hit arrived. A third is on layaway! Help me Obe Wan, you are my only hope! This new guitar (a 24 CU Violet Blue Burst) has been christened Birtha Luna Bluvi. Translation is as follows...
  4. W

    Help Identifying PRS ?

    Hello all. Looking for help in identifying this PRS. There are a couple of things that throw me off. I do not know for sure what year it is. Also it has a stop tail piece and push pull tone pot. Does that mean it is not a Custom 24? It has McCarty Bass and Treble Pickups. I do not know if those...