1. Anomaly

    Replacement Tuners for new Zach Myers SE?

    Hey all. I just bought a Zach Myers SE. brand new 2021 in blue. I’m looking to put locking tuners on it, but I’ve read so much conflicting information. A lot of folks says the Gotoh SD90 is a direct drop in, but then I read on here that they didn’t work for some people due to the size. Wondering...
  2. T

    S2 Vela neck pickup (type d) pole height adjustment?

    Had to repost because of a typo I made in the title, didn't know how to delete the og post Hi everyone! I'm new here. I bought a vela a couple months ago and I like it quite a lot. My only complaint with it is that the neck pickup seems to be very muddy and way too bass heavy for my taste. I've...
  3. T

    S2 Vela Bridge (type d) pole height adjustment?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. I bought a vela a couple months ago and I like it quite a lot. My only complaint with it is that the neck pickup seems to be very muddy and way too bass heavy for my taste. I've found that if I lower its height considerably its much less muddy/beefy and more...
  4. Yosua Wijaya

    SE Custom 24 mods

    Hi guys, I just bought my first electric guitar recently and I want to do some modification. My guitar is the 35th anniversary SE custom 24. I have done my first mods; changing the standard tuning machines to the SE locking tuners and it looks great and improve the tuning stability. After...
  5. D

    NGD - First PRS! Looking for Suggestions

    Hey Everyone, Today I received my first ever PRS. I’m usually a Fender guy, but was looking for a good value guitar with buckers. I found a KILLER deal on a SE Mira. Played it and the quality is stellar. I think I made a great decision. :) I have a set of Lindy Fralin Pure PAF that I was...
  6. J

    Is modding PRS guitars common?

    I have not seen much mods done to PRS guitars using other brands parts, but I have been out of the game awhile. Is it pretty common? What do you think of mods to any popular model? I wonder if my “S” guitar will be a vintage guitar in 30 years, but will it have value with the original parts not...
  7. Hungerbeast

    2-Wire to 4-Wire Conversion

    Has anyone here ever converted a 2-conductor pickup into a 4 conductor pick up? I ask because I have a Tremonti SE that I’ve upgraded with USA Pickups. I added a push/pull pot the bridge Humbucker and it’s awesome, I love having the versatility of coil splitting. I want to do it to the neck as...
  8. Blake Rice

    Proof of Concept: The Vela Trem

    Hey everybody! Thought I'd share my pet project PRS that I've labored on for almost 2 years to get it where it is today. This is my ideal version of the PRS Vela Trem idea talked about by so many. After cutting a new pickguard, swapping pickups, and rewiring the entire guitar, it was time to...
  9. jxe

    worst mod

    i once pulled the frets out of a 60s teisco del rey because i wanted to try a fretless. still sounded terrible. worse: stripped the factory finish off a rickenbacker 360/12 jetglo i bought new because i wanted a red one. ‘is that binding melting? so it is.’ what are your crimes against guitar?
  10. GavQuinn

    Seymour Duncan Custom Shop '78 Model

    Hello! :) I don't think I've seen any info on this pickup so I thought I'd share my experience! It's the VH pickup apparently, although due to licensing etc, they can't say so. Described as a PAF rewind, mine is listed on the pack at 9.0k, Alnico II, initalled MJ which is apparently a good...
  11. Spinland

    Seeking split coil wiring diagram help for 2017 Zach Myers

    I did a fun coil-splitting mod on my SE C22 semihollow, but in that case I also put in S-D pickups and a six-way toggle to control the selections. Worked great, and S-D (and the Free-way switch company) had great documentation available so my task was rather straightforward. This time around...
  12. N

    PRS SE Bernie Marsden Mods (Again)

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and new to PRS guitars of any kind, USA or Korea. I own 2 electric guitars at the moment, a 1956 Stratocaster and a 1953 Black Guard Tele (both vintage). I use to own an early 1959 Les Paul, also original, that I had to sell it 5 years ago. I recently came across a...