1. Broseph

    S2 594 McCarty Mods thread

    I’m a huge fan of modding lower levels PRS guitars. Make them yours. Let me see your modifications to the PRS S2 594 guitars. I’ll start with my latest and greatest. I was tempted to put in 58/15 LT pickups but held off since that’s what my McCarty core (non 594) comes with stock Core vintage...
  2. D

    NGD - First PRS! Looking for Suggestions

    Hey Everyone, Today I received my first ever PRS. I’m usually a Fender guy, but was looking for a good value guitar with buckers. I found a KILLER deal on a SE Mira. Played it and the quality is stellar. I think I made a great decision. :) I have a set of Lindy Fralin Pure PAF that I was...
  3. John Beef

    Adventures in modding

    I decided to swap pickups in the black CU22. Simple. No big job. Just put the DGT pickup I never should have removed back in the bridge instead of the Duncan Custom 5, and put a matching brushed nickel cover on the Duncan Jazz in the neck. The DGT pickup was no problem. I put the cover on the...
  4. Jwyoung808

    Modified 2017 PRS Mark Holcomb SE

    Finally completed all the appropriate modifications to my Holcomb SE. First I switched out the tuners to Schaller M6 locking tuners, which were pretty much a direct fit. I then swapped out the nut for a Graph Tech Tusq, which I had a professionally installed and set up, this resolved all tuning...
  5. Threepiece

    Mannmade Bridge for S2 - worth it?

    Hi There, So I see a million threads about folks with SE's getting Mann made bridges, but not really about S2. I have an S2c24. I like it, and have always thought the bridge was fine, but ran across the Mann made bridges and heard that they are as good or better than core, etc. Is this...
  6. Y

    Trapeze Tailpiece for my Mira!

    Greetings Everybody! I got an s2 semi-hollow Mira in vintage cherry coming next week straight from the factory (ahhhhhh) and I really want it to have a trapeze tailpiece to make it even more resonant and give it that vintage look I adore so bad. I got some handy information so far: It only...
  7. BWV548

    Looking for some input on a potential modification

    I've comm'd a bit with the PTC on this, but wanted to get broader set of opinions, down to my lack of experience on such things I bought 3 PRS in rather short time and have been loving playing them, and exploring their timbral uniqueness. The other day, I had the idea - I can't say if it's a...