modern eagle

  1. Blueswillismusic

    Modern Eagle Pickup Question

    Hi Everyone, I am new here, popped in to learn about modern eagle pickups, because I was given two but I can't find anything about them online. I don't know the year or anything really. Does anyone recognise it by this photo? I am interested in finding out what do they sound like and...
  2. Utkarsh

    Time Capsule Modern Eagle 1 NGD Part 2: The video

    Well folks, I promised a video, albeit slightly delayed. Given there is so much history (and great stories) behind the first Modern Eagle, as well as some great archive footage I found on the internet, I made this video in more of a short film (I daresay documentary) style vs. a typical guitar...
  3. Utkarsh

    New Guitar Day: Time Capsule Modern Eagle 1, Unplayed, first owner

    So many of you know, of the two PRS Braz rosewood necked legends, the 513 Rosewood is my favourite and I overcompensated by getting 3 of them. That said, the Modern Eagle 1 is legendary. And it is not everyday you get to chance upon an unplayed, one owner example. This was the case for me...
  4. Quilt Man

    PRS Modern Eagle V Pickup Replacement

    I'm looking at possibly getting a Modern Eagle V, however I would like to swap the 2 Paul's TCI humbuckers for Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omegas. Does anyone know if this is even possible? It looks like the pickup cavities may be too narrow and then there's the matter of electronics and wiring to...
  5. Utkarsh

    Ponderings on expensive guitars

    So today I was thinking about cryptocurrency (as most of us cannot avoid doing), looking at all the new bazillionaires, and wondering what would have been, if I had put all the money that I put into guitars, into this latest Tulip craze. I will not lie. I did feel a pang of regret. But it also...
  6. Utkarsh

    Modern Eagle 1 vs. Modern Eagle V (Tone comparison)

    Happy Thursday folks! This one took a while to edit if not that long to film. But it was worth it as I have been wanting to do this a long time. A comparison of a classic Modern Eagle 1 to its latest offspring the Modern Eagle V I went through great pains to try and play exactly the same thing...
  7. Utkarsh

    My thoughts on 6 Beautiful Private Stocks

    Folks I am embarking on a new concept here, encouraged by a friend of mine when I was waxing lyrical about a couple of guitars to him (My 594 being one and the other a Stealth SVN SE limited run). It's a continuation in my experiments in the visual realm and essentially a series where I run...
  8. Going Modal

    Your favorite/preferred guitar(s) for Narrowfield pickups?

    For those of you who have or have tried Narrowfield pickups, in which format do you think they've really excelled? (I'm generally referring to the already-existing "57/08" NF's; although if anybody's gotten their hands on these new 2021 ones, feel free to speak up about them.) I've been lucky...
  9. Going Modal

    How would you take your 53/10 pickups, and in what?

    I'm highly interested in getting a PRSi with 53/10's but there seem to be several (relatively different) models/avenues along which they were offered. In your opinion, which of those is most desirable or best showcases the sonic beauty of the 53/10 pickups?
  10. Utkarsh

    An ode to the 513. Blind testing against some big names

    So fine folks of the PRS forum, here’s a video I have been meaning to make for a long, long time As much as I love the 594, I am a big big fan of the 513 and I genuinely think it's the best guitar most people haven’t heard of. For me, it beats all the big daddies at their own game. So I blind...
  11. Ryan Ko

    NGD - Private Stock Modern Eagle V

    I just got my first PRS. I have long been a loyal fan of Gibson and James Tyler but this ME5 really blew my mind. I just fell in love with the new pickups and Northern Lights finish. The curly maple top sure is flamy. The TCI-tuned pickups are great and the coil splits on both PU's are...
  12. Ryan Ko

    NGD - Private Stock Modern Eagle V

    My first ever PRS guitar. I just fell in love with the new pickups and Northern Lights finish. The curly maple top sure is flamy. I have long been a loyal fan of Gibson and James Tyler but this ME5 really blew my mind. TCI pickups are great and the coil splits on both PU's are fantastic. I am...
  13. Skeeter

    Elements of ME V to Core?

    Total speculation thread! But hey, why not? Wondering if anyone thinks some elements of the ME V will filter down to a Core model? I’m thinking elements of the electronics (more the pups, and switching options - not necessarily the 500k to 250k switch). They made a very specific design choice...
  14. GuitarTalk

    (my 1st post) NGD: Modern Eagle 1, 2004 BRW Amber. One of the first ME’s ever?

    First post here! Just acquired a drop dead mint ME1. Took the photo below yesterday! The serial number is 4 88845. PRS Customer Service said the guitar is from early 2004. I can’t find a single other 2004 ME1 with a serial number that’s earlier than mine; does anyone have one that’s earlier than...
  15. Utkarsh

    DGT Opinion needed: sell /trade or swap bridge pickup?

    Hi folks I have a 2018 core DGT in purple. Neck feels great, frets feel great, the neck pickup sounds beautiful and it plays like a dream.But I just can't get along with the bridge pickup as it's too trebly for my taste and doesn't suit palm muting and high gain. I'm not a metal player per se...
  16. Skeeter

    Modern Eagle I: RPs vs 57/08s

    I may be ME1 shopping, and was curious about people’s experiences, preferences between the originals with RP pups vs the ones they released about 5 years ago, some with 57/08s. My understanding is that the RPs are hotter, but I know little else (does anyone have the resistance values from that...
  17. johncr

    Question about Modern Eagle models

    Hi there. I just sold my PRS Cu24 10 top. And i'm going upgrade to a Modern Eagle II. Anybody can give me information about Modern Eagle PickUp output? And neck profile (I saw Wide Fat, Pattern...)? And can i buy a brandnew Modern eagle (II/quatro) or just only 2nd used? ------ UPDATE ! I just...
  18. littleredguitars2

    I made a very important discovery today

    so i finally made my first trip out to brians guitars in hamden CT. i'm about 90 minutes away up in massachusetts. the store was great. brian was friendly and had a hell of a selection. i specifically wanted to go because i knew he had some lightly used Modern Eagle 1's. i've been drooling over...
  19. Wolfen

    Tarnished Nickel hardware is good hardware

    Hey, one of the big differences between other guitars and some of my PRSes is the tarnishing that the Nickel plated hardware, esp. the pickup covers, is undergoing over time. I saw that tarnished hardware is mainly discussed as subject to be refurbished by polishing, and I thought the same way...