1. cjlloyd

    2022 New Offerings

    I’m sure many of you were eagerly anticipating this week’s update to the PRS lineup as I was. Here’s their summary for anyone who missed it: I did stumble across something rather tasty that wasn’t mentioned in this article though…
  2. Threepiece

    Anyone know a list of Wide Thin neck guitars?

    Hi, There is information scattered all over the place but I haven't found a list that shows which models feature wide thin necks. I ask because when you look at reverb/ebay listings they often omit that info. I played a core at GC the other day and noticed the neck was quite different than...
  3. MichaelS

    PRS Model Survey

    Let's see what the PRS population looks like on here. CORE models only PLEASE. I'll do an SE and/or Private Stock thread later. Multiple answers possible, but unfortunately only one per model. Pardon, if I didn't add some of the rarer models. I've actually exhausted the maximum allowed poll...