mira 25th anniversary

  1. Going Modal

    Reverb alert: 25th Anniv. Mira 245 Soapbar, black

    No history with or affiliation with the seller, but these models are kind of rare-ish and I've heard them talked about here lately. I had one years ago, and I often regret having sold it. No idea if this price is "good" or not. But for those of you wondering what makes these Mira's different...
  2. Keith Williams

    That one guitar, for me, Mira 245, 25th Anniversary

    I am back looking for the combined wisdom of the PRS forum. I started on Miras, back when they came out, and over time moved over to DGT's, selling off my Miras, in order to have that wonderful trem. But then, over time, I decided to pare down and sold off all the DGT's (yeah, the "all" part...