1. G

    Experience ?s and advice

    Hello all, Headed to the Experience for the first time this year and am interested in purchasing my first prs guitar while there. Looking for some answers from PRS players/owners and people who have attended: • Any tips/advice you can give me to keep in mind on shopping in this environment? •...
  2. Skeeter

    N5D: Singlecut Perfection!

    Well, it's been quite a week for my guitar harem (and weakness to GAS). After receiving an impulse-buy Reclaimed Vela - which is a beautiful, super-resonant instrument - the crown jewel arrived on Friday - a new Wood Library SC 594 from the fine folks at Wildwood. I put it through its paces...
  3. Mattsiatti

    The 594

    ever since it first came out been dying for one of these Finally found a great deal on a honey 10 top and splurged Downside I'm posted overseas so can't play it till June It's a new form among torture