mccarty 594

  1. pauloqs

    Edit: 594 NGD has arrived. Awesome unexpected color

    My PS plans were foiled. Between Dave’s soapbar 594 post, Les’s explanation on maple vs mahogany necks, and this thing being blue, I caved in and will soon become part of the 594 club. It’s listed as slate blue, but I’ve never seen a slate blue this blue before. It has a maple SATIN neck and...
  2. gauchosilvertone

    594- wire from scratch?

    Does anyone have a detailed diagram for a McCarty 594? After an adventurous rewiring experiment (Gretsch wiring with independent volumes and a master volume) I’ve simply reworded or with basic modern LP wiring, but that means I’m missing both the coil taps (which I don’t mind doing without) and...
  3. Blakemore

    Very Happy NGD - 594 Semi Hollow Content

    Very excited to be back in the core family again. I have been out shopping for an HBII or P22 (something with a piezo) but came across this beauty here in Nashville around Thanksgiving. Every week since then I haven't been able to stop going in and playing on it. I finally realized what my...
  4. Sekunda

    NGD McCarty 594

    My newest lady... 2018 McCarty 594 10 top in Blood Orange. Photos do not do it justice, holy cow I'm about to cry here. I can't wait to get home and plug her in... McCarty594 by Matt D, on Flickr McCarty 594 by Matt D, on Flickr McCarty 594 by Matt D, on Flickr McCarty 594 by Matt D, on Flickr
  5. HNSFury

    Pls Close moved to another heading

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  6. Ytolyccuz

    Best Pickup choices for Mccarty 594 with Rosewood Neck

    Hi, I am very much interested to get your feedback great pickups for Mccarty 594 with a rosewood neck. I find the neck pickup too dark and the bridge pickup could use a little more output. What I'm looking for is a brighter sound as I find my guitar too dark compared to rest of my guitars...
  7. V

    McCarty 594 Bridge Question

    Is the tune-o-matic bridge on the McCarty 594 a Nashville style (with bushings), or is it ABR-1 (posts screwed directly to the wood)? I’m guessing since Ted McCarty was the influence for this model it’s an ABR-1 style. I’m in the process of building my first guitar and am modeling it after...
  8. M

    McCarty 594 Rewire

    Hey All! Picked up this McCarty 594 in January and have been paying it non-stop! I've been planning to do a NGD post but just haven't gotten around to it yet - hopefully soon! I love pretty much everything about it except the white neck binding (needs to be curly maple!!) and... The control...
  9. pennyroyal

    NGD Private Stock McCarty 594 with Northern Lights Finish

    My first PRS guitar arrived today! How does it smell so good? Is it the case? It's the most comforting thing! I'll show first, then tell. Here's the story: While I was visiting family for the holidays, my brother-in-law and I were headed to Guitar Center to window shop but then he...
  10. gauchosilvertone

    McCarty 594 Pickups for Country-Heavy Metal

    Yes I ask a lot of my pickups. Problem: McCarty Bridge (58/15 LT) lacks punch and sustain. I like the high end cut but it lacks mid punch in the low mids and the upper mids are annoyingly present with distortion. Overall need more output, but still want lots of cut. Want punch mids but not...
  11. CakeEater

    Pattern thin is my perfect neck, am I doomed to never own a 594?

    Okay so I've never played a 594. I own a CU24 30th Anniversary with a pattern thin neck and I absolutely how it plays. I used to own a DGT and I really liked it, but once I played the pattern thin CU24 I knew I had to make the switch, and traded the DGT against it. I really like the idea of the...
  12. gauchosilvertone

    PRS Strings?

    Got a new McCarty 594. Played the bejeezus out of the factory strings as I loathe waste. They had a great slinky feel. Finally wore em out and replaced with Ernie Ball 10s, my go-to. The feel is markedly different. Not exactly stiffer, but I can't think of a better word for it. For the...
  13. Skeeter

    N5D: Singlecut Perfection!

    Well, it's been quite a week for my guitar harem (and weakness to GAS). After receiving an impulse-buy Reclaimed Vela - which is a beautiful, super-resonant instrument - the crown jewel arrived on Friday - a new Wood Library SC 594 from the fine folks at Wildwood. I put it through its paces...
  14. Skeeter

    58/15 LT Questions

    From all I've heard, these pickups are nice and clear, and split beautifully in the 594's. However, in comparing to the general benchmark historic, they sound a little thin and bright - at least to my ears - in comparison to that classic thicker, creamy tone. The SC594's with LT's seem to get...
  15. Skeeter

    Ebony Fretboards on 594's

    So I really like ebony fretboards on two of the PRSi that I have, an AV, and Cu24. But now that I'm looking at 594's, with many of the artist and WL runs having ebony boards, I'm wondering how much it takes away from that certain "classic" tone. Feel wise, I love the ebony boards and like...
  16. Tosca

    NExpGD...The 594...

    I went into PRSX with the best of intentions...All I really wanted was a 594...and I already had one reserved from Brian's upcoming WL 594 run (And have you seen the tops picked for those? Crazy nice.) Had to do a triple take when I saw this one...I thought all of the original GOM 594 February...
  17. matt_prs

    McCarty 594 Core Model Review Please !

    Hi Guys, I've just taken a leap of faith and ordered a Core Model McCarty 594 without ever previously picking one up; with that being said and for the purposes of feeling reassured, could I please trouble anyone who currently owns that model to share their experiences on how it feels and sounds...
  18. Defpony

    First Private Stock Pep Talk

    *ALERT: long post ahead, probably re-hashing past posts on the forum* Hi all, Welp, I'm there. Having fully cycled through the PRS obsessive/fanboy/devotee mindset, I'm at the point of being fiscally comfortable-ish with plunking down $$ for a PS guitar. Have finances in order (and extra...