1. L

    Latest Family Portrait!

    Bored out of my mind being off work so I decided to rearrange the furniture! I have a T-Style hole in my collection at the moment. Can’t find the NF53 in the colour I want. Recommendations welcome! L-R: DGT SE - McCarty Sunburst Studio - Satin Purple Mist Wood Library Silver Sky Dead Spec - Moc...
  2. N

    Archon 50 MKII - does it go well with 1960BV cab?

    Hi All, I have a Marshall1960BV cab from the nineties with a really ripe, warm sound. BV, means straight and with the original Marshall Vintage speakers (not the new ones, the cab was made in 1997 as far as I'm concerned.) I am planning to buy the Archon 50 mkII, but I cannot try the amp. Do...
  3. Black-Viper75

    Help Me Choose Something New Amp Wise

    It’s been just over a month since my bar reopened and I’m back at work after a rough 15 month shut down by the pandemic and as expected I’m already thinking “save cash for new gear”. So I’ve started looking for something new amp wise and I could use some help. I got back into playing guitar...
  4. C

    PRS Modified Marshall ?

    Hello, Wondering if anyone has more information on the PRS modified Marshall JCM 800's that were around in the 80's? Stories of legend say Toni Iommi used them on several albums, Wondering who at PRS was the designer and are there schematics available? Ive been digging around and so far have...