1. Broseph

    NGD CE Semi

    Had to pull the trigger on a CE 24 semihollow that had a breathtaking blue flame job for CE level. Looked nearly bookmatched! I installed a steel MannMade tremolo block on it. It has joined my other CE 24 with 58/15 LTs and brass tremolo block...
  2. Broseph

    NGD CE 24 with 58/18 LT pickups

    Here is my new baby. I managed to track down a CE with 58/15 LT pickups, courtesy of a Willcutt 50th anniversary run when 50 of them were made in all kinds of finishes in 2018. Of course I did some cosmetic mods to make it my own: amber knobs, custom truss cover rod cover, changing the...
  3. oranheim

    Difference between Mannmade 2000NOS and 2040 Vibrato Bridge

    Hello, Recently I bought PRS CE 24 (2019) and I'd like to replace my bridge with either a MannMade NOS2000 or 2040 Vibrato Bridge. What is the difference between the two? Are there any sonic difference between the Nickel and the Hybrid Nickel / Gold? Cheers, Ove
  4. TRM

    Tremolo Arm Mystery

    Hi folks, Been trying to identify and source a bit of custom hardware on the CE24 I bought earlier this year. I just purchased a 513 and would like to have the identical setup...and primarily the Arm itself. When I got the CE24 (2016) the seller indicated he upgraded to a Mann Vibrato...but I...
  5. LTigh

    N(U)GD SE Bernie Marsden

    Right, so one of my big regrets of my time in Colorado (besides living in Colorado) was letting go of my PRSi to fund the escape from Bizarro World, most notably the Bernie Marsden I scored NOS for $319 back in 2013. I mean, I miss the rest of them (okay, the S2 maybe not so much, but I were in...
  6. Threepiece

    Mannmade Bridge for S2 - worth it?

    Hi There, So I see a million threads about folks with SE's getting Mann made bridges, but not really about S2. I have an S2c24. I like it, and have always thought the bridge was fine, but ran across the Mann made bridges and heard that they are as good or better than core, etc. Is this...
  7. MichaelS

    New MannMadeUSA Trem

    20 in stock! Definitely digging the price. Not sure about having the branding on it. Hope the...