limited edition

  1. jpgmusico

    2019 S2 studio (limited edition) in Mcarty sunburst

    I just traded my ce for an s2 studio and love it.The ce was my first american prs and was killer but just couldnt vibe with the metallic frost blue finish.Pleasantly but not surprizingly the fit & finish,playability and tones are right on par with the ce and blows away any guitar I've ever...
  2. P

    Considering PRS West Street Limited Edition...

    Hello! I was getting ready to purchase my first PRS, a custom 24, when I came across a local PRS West Street Limited Edition model for sale. I have never seen one of these before and I couldn't find much information online about them. All I know is that it looks incredible and it's in my budget...
  3. danktat

    Outdoor Photos

    Yes, this guitar I was bored so I went outside, with a real DSLR and a backdrop of dying ivy for a few photos. Wood grain and abalone look much better in natural light anyway ;) 2004 CU22 limited run Brazilian And a few booty shots..... Thanks for...
  4. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    The Hansomatic Collection

    If you don't have a 'harem' thread of your own, clean off the couch and break-out the camera. It's good for you and it's good for those of us who love looking at guitars. Based on discussions with my insurance provider - and with PfennRock (AKA "11top") - maintaining clear photos with date/time...
  5. danktat

    Brazilian Girl (pix)

    Sometimes, there is no more beautiful a girl than a Brazilian. :-D I am sorry I don't have much of a variety of PRSs to post, but here is what I got. Hope you don't get bored seeing her. Thanks for looking.
  6. D

    PRS Custom Limited Edition 1991

    Hello, hopefully some of the experts here can help me. I have a PRS Custom with a highly figured birdseye maple top. It is the number 1 of only 14 made for the Los Angeles Guitar Center. This is what you can read in the pickup cavitiy as well as on the back of the headstock. In the pickup...
  7. Skeeter

    Vela Bridge Pickup

    So I'm enjoying my Reclaimed Vela - really resonant and fun to play. However, I'm not feeling the bridge pickup as humbucker on its own. With PRS' great splitting electronics (since the advent of the resistor thing with the DGT), it sounds great split. And as a humbucker with both pickups on...
  8. C

    PRS SE Spalted Maple

    Hi folks, Please forgive me for a first-time posting, but I've looked through all the forums and couldn't find the info on this. In 2015 I purchased my first PRS. It's SE Custom 24 spalted maple. My understanding is that this was part of a limited run and ran across the entire production...
  9. I

    Custom 24 58/15

    Hello I am new to the PRS world, and had the chance to play my first PRS guitar. Have had my eye on the Custom 24 58/15 for a little while now, and enjoyed a short test drive yesterday. Love the whale blue finish and the look of these limited edition guitars. Like the 58/15 pickups a lot...