1. P

    Fair price for a PRS SE One Korina?

    I've just recently learned of the PRS SE One. I'm really drawn to the simplicity of it. One great pickup, fixed bridge, one knob. I then saw a Korina and loved how it pays homage to the LP Jr in TV yellow. I saw a used non-Korina One on sale locally for $500ish but only see one used Korina for...
  2. Ovibos

    NGD - I finally got ONE

    I got a good deal on an OG near mint SE One Korina with moons! It's easy to see where the three body pieces are joined, but it doesn't matter 'cos it's pure rawk. Not a featherweight, but on the lighter side. Some scratching on the pickguard but that's whatever. I alluded to this in another...
  3. shimmilou

    NUGD - 2011 SE One Korina

    I have wanted to get one of these for a while, thought it would be a cool addition to my collection. Saw one that was in excellent condition, all original with birds, and my offer didn't work out, then I saw this one. No birds, but it was also in excellent condition, the frets were like new, and...
  4. S

    2008 Korina 24 Limited Specs?

    Looking to get more history in these...specs, value etc. From what I can find this was a limited run, Mira pickups (?), feels like a regular or thin profile. Any input appreciated.
  5. AragonWingfoot

    Wood Library Korina and Ebony Hollowbody II vs Regular Hollowbody II

    Moore Guitars in Evansville has a couple Wood Library Hollowbody IIs which seem very nice. I was wondering how these wood Library guitars would be different when compared to a regular Hollowbody II? Edit: Sorry, These wood Library’s have a Korina neck and sides with an ebony fretboard, Maple...
  6. B

    Korina - McCarty vs Santana - differences in tone?

    I've never been a PRS guy. I always thought that they were over-priced, esp. 10-tops (as compared to other manufacturers). But you know, a decade or two, and needs can change opinions. Used prices are absolutely reasonable, in fact *surprisingly* so. So, working on a cover band situation...
  7. Wakester

    Hey bud, can you spare a dime?

    Anyone want to loan me 375 so I can take this off the CL Marketplace? Owner said he bought it new in 2009, played it once, then put it in a closet.
  8. JohnnyStrings

    McCarty Korina vs Mahogany/Maple

    I'm curious about specific tonal comparisons between the mahogany/maple vs. korina McCarty... I'm in the market for juat one new guitar, used around $1500 give or take. Way back when I owned a McInturff Taurus Sportster, which was a chambered mahogany beast with a nice coil split: I would play a...
  9. BillThomasTrio

    Mira Korina info... Anyone got it?

    After waiting for almost two years to find one, today I became the proud owner of a Korina Mira with moons and a thin neck. I have been told these were manufactured in limited quantities. Is that true? Anyone know how many were made and any of the specs? Thanks in advance for your help. PS, if...