1. Danielle Czapp

    Silver Sky Golden Mesa & Orion Green ??

    Hey all!! I know this is an odd observation (and I'm not sure if anyone else was wondering the same thing) but I figured I'd post a thread. I've been following the Silver Sky's for a while waiting on availability. I'd always go back and forth between Orion Green and a few other colors but...
  2. VirginiaAve

    Did Mayer abandon the JMOD?

    At the Hollywood Bowl shows at least, he has been playing a Dumble. No PRS amp onstage. Every night has been a Fender for the 2nd amp Anyone know the story?
  3. VirginiaAve

    NGD: Super Eagle #1

    Well, it finally arrived... #1 of 100 Special thanks to Jack Gretz from NE Music Center, and Paul and John and the folks who build the Private Stocks. This has got to be one of the most special instruments I've ever laid hands or eyes on. The build quality, color, woods, PUPs, switching...its...