john mann

  1. Julian

    John Mann Vintage Locking Tuners

    Hope this finds yall well I was looking to upgrade S2 594 stock tuners to these. I'm a little confused because they're not listed on the PRS accessories website, but they're still listed as official PRS tuners. Does PRS make vintage locking tuners (w/ brass posts, not John Mayer ones w/ nickel...
  2. cjlloyd


    Thought I would share with you what I’ve been up to this weekend as I made a few upgrades to my CE. I bought the SE bridge upgrade kit from John Mann which comprises a brass block, new springs, and higher quality saddles and mounting screws. I have to say everything is beautifully machined and...
  3. Blakemore

    Aluminum Wraptail Bridge "oomph" Question

    Hey friends, I recently purchased a 2013 Custom 22. It has the PRS aluminum wraptail bridge instead of a Trem (I do prefer hardtails.) (backstory details) The guitar plays very well but I'm having trouble with the sound a bit. It does sound thinner than I'm used to and I would not call the top...