1. stankbank

    A string intonation out of line?

    Hey friends! On my S2 594, I can only achieve perfect A string intonation at this saddle location: It's odd that it is so far ahead of the E and D strings, when generally, we see intonation follow a certain alignment pattern that is staggered (like the G-B-E) strings pictured here. Just...
  2. D

    Can't intonate Mira SE

    Hello everyone! I am new here, since I recently got myself a used Mira SE. Absolutely loving it so far, but now that it got colder and more moist in my house, all my guitars needed their winterly setup/maintenance. When I checked the intonation of the Mira, the bottom 3 strings were absolutely...
  3. Bradley Gavel

    Intonation issue

    Hello all, I've got a gorgeous blue Zach Myers 2020 SE. Love it to bits but I'm having some trouble. I've gone through the TRAIN setup method, set the relief to .006, did the action, all that went off just fine. I noticed the 9-13th fret of each string buzzes a little bit but I'll get to that...
  4. Paul Conrad

    Stoptail Bridge Intonation Pins

    I just picked up a sweet Paul's Guitar and was adjusting the intonation. One of the pins is stripped. Does anyone know where I can get replacement pins?
  5. S

    CE24 Saddles All the Way Back for Intonation - Problem?

    I bought a used 2016 CE24 in 2018. I can tell that it was barely used before I bought it. I’ve taken it to two local and well-regarded luthiers for setup and made it clear that cost and time are far less important than getting it as close to perfect as possible. Both luthiers made the action too...
  6. D

    do action and intonation affect harmonics?

    i posted a q about 17th fret harmonics recently and didnt get any replies, so thought i would try again. im not criticizing my ce24 (i love it) and dont want my post caught up in the 'dead spot' which seems to be 'stirring the pot' with a few. all i want to know is might my lack of harmonic...
  7. C

    Unable to keep intonation on 245SE

    I was excited to purchase the 245 SE model, and realize that it has a major flaw in the adjustable stoptail bridge. Has anyone found a fix, or a better replacement bridge? My issue: The screws to slide the saddles and adjust intonation are just floating in the hole. There is nothing that...
  8. ShawnF1222

    Intonating PRS Vela - Tips?

    Hi Folks, I realized that with this Vela two saddle bridge, intonation will be a bit of a compromise. Does anyone have any tips, instructions, videos that they can forward to me? Let me know. Thanks!
  9. D

    SE Tuning Instability

    Hey everyone, I've got two SE's. An SE Custom 24, and an SE Mark Holcomb. I find that with both, the tuning is so unstable, playing a few notes can throw it out. Only slightly at first, but a bend will generally mess it up a fair bit. With the Custom, I installed locking tuners, but still get...
  10. GavQuinn

    PRS SE245 Stoptail string gauge/intonation

    Hi Guys, I have my 2 SE 245 guitars set up with USA nuts, filed out for 11s. I did the intonation just fine as Paul said in the video, set the 2 E strings and sure enough, intonation has fallen into place. I did leave the bass side a bit flat at the 12th fret, this kept the lower strings...
  11. D

    Few questions on the custom 22 20th anniversary

    Hi there,I am considering picking up one of those.I have already tried it and was pretty impressed I must say.I have never owned one before and have very little knowledge about prs guitars.Its also a 10 top.What exactly is a 10 top?I cant seem to find much info on the specs though strangely.The...
  12. F

    General Guitar setup/maintenance help/FAQs for anyone

    I dont know how this works but I got my Custom 24 SE shipped to me last week and couldn't be happier with it. I dont know how forums work so if i'm doing something wrong, tell me please. I want anyone to be able to ask random questions about maintenance and I dont know where to do that so I...
  13. Ovibos

    SE Holcomb intonation

    Did a little work on it tonight, and almost have it dialed in. Neck needed less relief to get near straight (Chicago winters), minor saddle tweaks. However, I just can't quite get the 6th (C) string in tune at the 12th fret. I've moved the saddle pretty much as far back as it goes and we're...
  14. Jake Angelastro

    What Intonation Screws does PRS use for the Mike Mushok baritone?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to forum posting, but I could use some help. The title says it all: I am looking for the size of the screw that PRS uses for the screws on the bridge of the Mike Mushok baritone. I’m referring to the screws that are adjusted in the bridge that intonate the strings. Sadly...
  15. R

    SE Standard Trem Bridge not at 1/16", and other problems

    I've had my SE Standard for a little over a year and had never used the tremolo feature of the bridge until recently. So I had never really paid much attention to it. Now that I have started to use it, I've noticed that it floats just a skosh more than 1/32" above the guitar body, maybe 3/64". I...
  16. Dancing Frog

    Having trouble with setting the intonation.

    I have adjusted my neck on my Private Stock so that relief is below 0.010, and set the trem such that pulling back on the trem all the way takes the pitch from E to F#. No more, no less. But, I keep bottoming out on the intonation on the G string and am still sharp, and I have problems with a...
  17. Steve R

    Intonation issues

    So I have a Paul Allander sig model, I play in drop c and use 11-54 gauge strings. I have another prs guitar that has an identical setup and intonation is great. But on this one I tuned the open note, and fretted the 12th fret and every note is sharp. I have moved the Saddles to their max and...