intonation screw

  1. F

    Low E string on my SE Standard 24 is flat on higher frets, even though I have the saddle all the way extended.

    Hi all, I’m new here on the forums. Huge fan of PRS and absolutely love their guitars (if only money weren’t an object)… Anyways, I’ve been learning to setup guitars and have a decent idea of the basic mechanics involved. Everything plays great on this guitar with a good truss rod, action...
  2. Paul Conrad

    Stoptail Bridge Intonation Pins

    I just picked up a sweet Paul's Guitar and was adjusting the intonation. One of the pins is stripped. Does anyone know where I can get replacement pins?
  3. M

    SE Custom 24 bridge intonation screw not engaged

    Guys, bear with me, I may not have the correct terminology. I recently bought a SE Custom 24 and the high E string intonation screw in the trem bridge doesn't seem to be engaged to the (?). There is no change to the tone when I turn the screw and the (?) doesn't move. It appears to be pulled...